Tens of thousands Tehy members use Tehy e-services regularly – find out why

Tehy e-services are available to Tehy members online, every day of the year and round the clock. The e-services are included in your membership, so make use of the many benefits and services they offer! You can log in to the e-services via Tehy’s website.

Ask about membership or employment terms

Taking care of your membership and employment matters is easy through Tehy’s e-services. If you have any questions about membership, such as member fees, the easiest way to contact Tehy member services is through the e-services. Or, if you have concerns or questions related to your employment, for example regarding your payshifts or holidays, send us a message through the e-services and our experts will get back to you. You can use the e-services whenever suits you best!

Insurance as a member benefit: print out your insurance certificate in case of an accident

The insurance benefit (in Finnish) Tehy offers you is a great protection against accidents at work. Employer insurance policies do not cover all work-related accidents, which is why Tehy’s member insurance policies are important. If an accident happens, you can get your insurance certificates and codes without delay through the e-services. You will need this information in your communication with the insurance company. 

Pay you membership fee easily

You can check and pay your membership fee through the e-services. If you want your employer to deduct the membership fee directly from your wages and pay it to Tehy, you can send the agreement for this to your payroll department or authorise Tehy to do it on your behalf.

Update your information to make the most of your membership

Keep Tehy up to date with any changes in your employment or life. A new job, parental leave or starting studies are examples of situations that you should inform us about. Certain changes in your life may mean that you do not need to pay a membership fee (in Finnish). Or when we know that you have a new job, we can offer you interesting information relevant to your new role. So remember to keep your membership information up to date in the e-services when any changes take place in your life.

Check your professional branch and union representative

Your workplace’s union representative (in Finnish) is the closest source of help with any questions related to your employment or membership. Your professional branch (in Finnish), on the other hand, offers you important information, membership benefits and fun events that allow you to network with others. Make use of these services – they are part of your membership! You can find the contact information for your union representative and professional branch in our e-services. 

Logging in to e-services is easy and safe

You can log in to the e-services either with your membership account, online banking credentials or a mobile certificate. You can access the login window via the tehy.fi website, for example by clicking the Login button at the top of the page. 

Make the most of our e-services

Log in to e-services. The front page features links to frequently asked questions. The hamburger menu in the top right corner contains all the available e-services functions. You can also use our e-services on mobile devices!