Hiring a foreign workforce means statutory obligations for an employer. A good employer will also arrange induction and language training.


An employer is responsible for ensuring that the employees have the necessary permits to reside, work and practise their profession in Finland. Employers must also make sure that the employees have sufficient language skills for their work tasks. Moreover, employers must ensure that the working conditions comply with Finland’s occupational health and safety regulations.

An employer is obligated to retain information at the workplace about the foreign workers it has hired and the grounds for their work permits in a way that allows workers protection authorities to inspect them easily. For this reason, an employer has a right to take copies of an employee’s residence permit, for example.


Employer's reporting obligation

Based on the legal reporting obligation, an employer must report the name of an individual recruited from outside the EU/EEA and the applicable collective agreement to the TE Employment Services, the elected employee representative and the occupational safety representative at the workplace.

In addition to the statutory obligations, a good employer will also arrange induction, integration, multicultural supervisory work, language training and all the resources required for these.