Participate in a campaign: help your coworker join Tehy

This spring, we will have great prizes for recommendations for joining Tehy, so now is a great time to help your coworker join Tehy, too. If there are colleagues or students at your workplace who do not yet belong to the union, invite them to join the 160,000 Tehy members. Tehy is the union of every health, social care and education professional!

You will receive a prize worth EUR 325 if you bring five new employed members for Tehy between 15 February and 15 June 2024. And in turn, your coworker or friend will get all the member benefit we offer, as well as security for their working life. 

How to you earn points during the campaign period

During the campaign period, you will get points in accordance with the standard award system: you will get 25 points for each new working member and 10 points for each new student member.

In addition, you can earn 200 bonus points during the campaign period by getting five new working members. So, you can get 325 points in total for five new members! One point is worth one euro. 

You can use the points you have collected to purchase products from brands such as Marimekko, Pentik or Makita. You can also get intangible gifts, like an audiobook app or cinema tickets. Learn about the award products.

Tips for recommending membership

If you are not sure what to say about Tehy, we have put together some tips on our website to help you succeed.
It is often enough to simply start talking about the membership and describe, for example, how you have benefited from it. 

Giving a recommendation is easy through the Tehy app. Download the app onto your phone!

Interested? Great! Read more about the campaign

Tips for membership recommendations and additional information about the campaign can be found here.