Politics and developments in the international arena effect directly the Finnish economy and society. Especially the political decisions and legislation of the European Union has effects on our working life and the daily life of Tehy members. Tehy’s primary mission is to promote and defend workers’ rights through international cooperation between trade unions and advocacy within major European and global institutions.

In the international advocacy work the emphasis lies within the European Union. European Public Service Union EPSU is the voice of 8 million public sector workers in Europe. EPSU influences the policies and decisions of employers, governments and European Institutions. So called social dialogue (negotiations with the employer) is an essential part of EPSU work that Tehy is involved in in the hospital sector and local and regional government sector.

EPSU also provides a platform to share good practices and information. As a member of the Finnish National Confederation STTK Tehy also influences via Finunions – Finnish trade union representation to the EU in Brussels.   

Global Union Federations (GUFs) are the international representatives of unions organizing in specific industry sectors or occupational groups. Tehy is an affiliate of Public Services International (PSI) dedicated to promote quality public services all around the world. PSI is a voice of public services workers in international organizations like ILO and WHO and Tehy monitors closely developments in these organizations and has its message heard through PSI.

One important part of this work is working together with the trade unions in development countries. With its partners Tehy advocates better working environment, occupational safety and health, decent work, betters salaries and promotes education, training, lobbying and organizing of health care workers.