Primarily, the employee is entitled to the same pay for the time on holiday as they are for working.

Holiday pay must be paid before the start of the holiday. For a holiday period not exceeding six days, holiday pay may be given on the employee’s normal pay day. It has been agreed in the public sector that the holiday pay is given on the employee’s normal pay day, if the employee does not request that the pay be paid before the holiday.

The calculation of the holiday pay is affected by the wage system and the average monthly working hours of the employee. Calculating annual holiday pay is not always straightforward, meaning that you should primarily contact your supervisor or union representative if you have any issues.


Iloinen tehyläinen

Refer to your collective agreement

Many collective agreements stipulate that supplements corresponding to bonuses to basic pay (evening, night, Saturday and Sunday bonuses) are added to the holiday pay. 


Do you work weekends or evenings? You are entitled to these bonuses!

Separate bonuses to basic pay are paid for working on Sundays, bank holidays, Saturdays or in the evening or nights. 


Questions about holiday pay?

As a Tehy member you do not have to investigate any issues with pay alone. Your union representative will help you – this is your most important member benefit. If your workplace does not have a union representative, you can contact our employment advice service. You can send us a message through e-services.