About Tehy

Tehy is the largest trade union in Finland for health and social care professionals.

Tehy - The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland

  • Tehy represents qualified social care, health care, rehabilitation and early education professionals and students of these professions in both the private and the public sectors.
  • Tehy is the largest trade union for health and social care professionals serving more than 160 000 members. The unionization rate in the health care sector is over 90 per cent.
  • Tehy is a politically pluralistic organization.
  • The main goal of Tehy is to supervise and improve the economical, professional and social interests of its members. 


  • negotiates collective agreements
  • gives guidance and support in work-related matters to members
  • offers legal aid to members and takes disputes to court, if necessary
  • provides trade union education and training
  • gathers statistics and research data to support the work of representing the interests of its members
  • campaigns to improve working conditions and occupational health and safety
  • influences legislation and health and social care reforms.
Tehy Statistics
  • About 70 % work in the municipal sector and 25 % in the private sector
  • 71,4  % of Tehy members working in the municipal sector work full-time and 81,2 % work with permanent contracts
  • The average salary of a registered nurse working in the municipal sector is about 3100 euro, a little bit more than in the private health care sector
  • The unemoployment rate of health and social care professionals is about 2 %
  • There are more than 200 local Tehy branches around Finland
The biggest professional member groups