Employees paid monthly are entitled to their full wages on sick leave.

Employees paid by the hour

  • In the private sector, wages are paid based on the number of hours that were scheduled if the employee had not fallen ill.
  • In the municipal sector and wellbeing services counties, sick days are compensated as daily wages for employees paid by the hour.

The definition of full wages varies slightly between collective agreements. In the municipal sector and wellbeing services counties, when applying the Avainta ry collective agreement or the emergency medical services collective agreement, the wages for sick leave are increased with the relative proportion of Sunday pay.

This means that the share of Sunday work compensation included in the employee’s wages is calculated. This calculation is usually performed by holiday credit year. In other words, the percentage of the employee’s actual monthly wages made up of Sunday bonuses between April and March is calculated. This percentage is then used to increase their sick leave pay.

In the health services sector and private social services sector, sick leave pay also incorporates evening, night and Saturday bonuses, the share of which is either paid based on a verified shift list or long-term average.