Tehy membership fee is 1,1% of the gross income of those members who are in employment but not more than 600 euro per annum. However, the subscription shall not be less than 8 euros per month. If you are a member of Tehy, the membership fee will also include the membership fee of the unemployment fund.

If you are a working member, your membership fee is 1.1% of your taxable salary income. It includes the membership fee for the Unemployment Fund for Health and Social Care Professionals if you have selected to be a member of the unemployment fund. So, we will pay your unemployment fund membership fee for you. The fee is €8 per month at the least and €600 per year at the most. 

Tehy members who work abroad with a Finnish employer will pay 1,1 % of the gross earning. Others will pay a membership fee of 30 euros. 

Remember to inform Tehy if there are changes in your membership status i.e. if you finish your studies, become unemployed, go on maternity leave etc. Tehy will not receive automatically this information.

Unemployment benefit

When joining us, you can also choose whether to become a member of the Unemployment Fund of Social and Healthcare workers. The fund membership secures your livelihood if you become unemployed or furloughed. We pay the unemployment fund’s member fee for you! 

The subscription is tax deductible (verovähennyskelpoinen)

Tehy will inform the taxation authorities of the paid membership fees. Check your tax return to make sure that these have been taken into account. After tax, the actual rate of membership fee is around 0,6 - 0,8 %. You can check your  taxation with the Tax rate calculator.

Authorising the employer to deduct the membership fee (suoraperintä)

The easiest way to ensure your membership is up-to-date is to allow your employer to collect the membership fee automatically, charging it directly from your pay. This means that you do not need to calculate the necessary payment yourself every month. Please check your payslip every month to ensure that the fee has been charged.

Paying the subscription yourself

If employer collection is not possible for one reason or another or if you choose to opt out, you can also manage your membership fee payments yourself.