Tehy membership fee is 1,1% of the gross income of those members who are in employment but not more than 600 euro per annum. However, the subscription shall not be less than 8 euros per month. If you are a member of Tehy, the membership fee will also include the membership fee of the unemployment fund.

A member can be exempt from the membership fee on the basis of eg. the following reasons:

  • full-time students who are studying for a second level or degree qualification or for a further degree
  • members who are on unpaid maternity or parental leave
  • members who are unemployed or temporarily laid-off
  • members who are conscripted into national military or civilian service
  • members who are on unpaid sick leave or on rehabilitation benefit
  • Please note: should a member who is exempt from membership subscription be in paid employment during a period of exemption, the subsciption will be 1,1 % of his/her total earned income.

Tehy members who work abroad with a Finnish employer will pay 1,1 % of the gross earning. Others will pay a membership fee of 30 euros. 

Remember to inform Tehy if there are changes in your membership status i.e. if you finish your studies, become unemployed, go on maternity leave etc. Tehy will not receive automatically this information. 

Authorising the employer to deduct the membership fee (suoraperintä)

This is the most convenient way of paying the membership fee. The easiest way is to use the online application form and let Tehy to contact your employer on your membership dues. Use the "Employer will deduct from wages" option. Check your payslip to make sure that your employer has started to collect the dues. The other way is to give your employer the top copy of the membership application form (page A1) which shows that you have joined the union. This document gives your employer the authorisation to deduct your membership fee on behalf of the union. Check your payslip to make sure that your employer has started to collect your subscription. Please note that if you have several employers you have to authorize all the employers to deduct the fee.

Paying the subscription yourself

You can also pay the subscription yourself if, for example, your employer will not deduct it from your salary or you are on a longer leave. In order to pay the fee yourself, you need to have a special reference number which you receive from Tehy and you need to calculate the amount of the membership fee yourself. 

The subscription is tax deductible (verovähennyskelpoinen)

Tehy will inform the taxation authorities of the paid membership fees. Check your tax return to make sure that these have been taken into account. After tax, the actual rate of membership fee is around 0,6 - 0,8 %. You can check your  taxation with the Tax rate calculator.