You can take care of any membership matters, e.g. matters related to membership fees or unpaid leave, in Tehy e-services quickly and easily. You can also use e-services to ask questions about employment, such as wages, allowances or shifts.

Use the e-services to

manage membership matters: 

  • check and update your personal and membership information
  • pay membership fees
  • report changes to your employment or entrepreneur status
  • report changes affecting the membership fee, e.g. unpaid family leave
  • authorise your employer to deduct the membership fee directly from your wages
  • print insurance certificates
  • report full-time studies.

ask about matters related to your employment relationship: 

  • terms of employment, such as wages, holidays, shifts and termination of employment. Our experts will respond to your message.

Logging in to Tehy e-services

Log in to e-services using your own membership number and password. You can find your membership number on your mobile card or on the back of the Tehy magazine. You can also use your online banking codes or mobile ID to log in.

The unemployment fund WebKassa

WebKassa is the e-service for the Unemployment Fund for Health and Social Care Professionals where you can take care of matters related to unemployment benefits.