Tehy Membership

Trade union membership is high in the health and social care sector in Finland with as many as 90 % of employees being trade union members. Today Tehy has more than 160 000 members including 25 000 student members. 

All members of Tehy are qualified professionals who have a degree in health care, social care, rehabilitation or early education or are studying to become a health or social care professional.

Tehy represents

  • registered nurses
  • public-health nurses
  • practical nurses
  • biomedical laboratory scientists
  • paramedics
  • physiotherapists
  • midwives
  • radiographers
  • dental nurses
  • oral hygienists
  • nursery nurses/childminders
  • mental health nurses
  • medical porters and ambulance crews
  • primary nurses
  • social workers
  • podiatrists
  • chiropodists
  • occupational therapists
  • rehabilitation therapists
  • naprapaths
  • osteopaths
  • geriatric carers

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