Unemployment Fund

Unemployment benefits are markedly better for unemployment fund members. If you wish to benefit from this, you must join also the unemployment fund. The unemployment fund (Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa) works closely with Tehy but is an independent organization.

You can be a member of the unemployment fund if:

  • you have a degree in social or health care or are studying to become a social or health care professional
  • you are employed
  • you are under 68 years of age

You can join the unemployment fund with the same application form you join Tehy. You can also be a member of the unemployment fund without being a member of Tehy.

If you are a Tehy member, Tehy will pay for you membership fee for the unemployment fund. If you are not a Tehy member, you have to pay the membership fee yourself. In 2016 it is 42 euros.

For more information: Terveydenhuoltoalan työttömyyskassa