Become a Member

If you are a qualified health care, social care, rehabilitation or early education professional and you are planning to move to Finland, or if you are already employed in Finland as a health care professional, contact Tehy. We will give you information on the representation of the interests of health care personnel in Finland and on membership to Tehy. 

To join:

1. Fill out the online application in Finnish. Application is also available in Swedish anslutningsblankett. For the payment of the union fee, choose "Employer will deduct from wages" (työnantajaperintä). In this case Tehy will deliver the document to your employer and you do not have to worry about it. Check out from your payslip that the collection of the membership fee begins to show as agreed. This is the fastest and the most secure way to become a member and begin the collection of your dues. 

2. If you wish to fill out the form in English, please fill the attached PDF and print it out (Unfortunately there is no English online application form). For the payment of the union fee, choose "Employer will deduct from wages". Mail your completed application form, the page A2 to Tehy without delay to activate your membership benefits

Tehy address:

Tehy ry

PL 34

00060 Tehy


Remember to inform Tehy if there are changes in your membership status i.e. if you finish your studies, become unemployed, go on maternity leave etc. Tehy will not receive automatically this information. The more accurate your membership info is, the better we can serve and take care of your interests. 

If you have been a student member, your membership in Tehy does not continue automatically but you have to make a new application!

If you need help in filling out the form, please ask a Tehy member or your shop steward for help! You can also contact Tehy membership services by telephone 09 - 5422 7200 on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9:00 - 15:00.

M-Files attachment: 
Liittymislomake ja jäsenmaksun työnantajaperintäsopimus

Lomaketta käytetään vain, jos ei ole mahdollisuutta käyttää sähköistä liittymistä. Tällä lomakkeella voit muun muassa liittyä Tehyn ammattiosaston jäseneksi ja/tai valtuuttaa työnantajan perimään jäsenmaksut suoraan palkastasi.