Membership Benefits

Every Tehy member is entitled to numerous membership benefits and services. You need to prove your membership by showing your membership card. Your local chapter may also provide some local benefits, check these out from the webpage of your local chapter. 

Representation of financial, educational and professional interests

  • Tehy bargains for the terms of collective agreements on behalf of its members
  • Tehy monitors the application of collective agreements
  • Unemployment fund membership and earnings-related unemployment benefit
  • Help available from shop stewards and health and safety representatives at the workplace
  • Professional workshops and trade union training
  • Legal Aid

Other membership benefits

  • Insurance coverage, for more information
  • Tehy magazine
  • Diary and membership badge (you have to sign up for your diary)
  • Leisure activities, reduced hotel and travel rates
  • Fuel benefits (Teboil)
  • Union merchandise
  • Lots of other benefits and discounts for trade union members
  • for more information see our membership benefits page in Finnish