Our regional offices serve our members with various issues related to well-being at work and representation. Regional offices are experts in the current matters and special characteristics of local workplaces.

Always arrange a meeting in advance if you want to visit your regional office. Local union specialists often work outside their office. 

Use e-services to take care of matters quickly and effortlessly

You can ask Tehy’s experts about matters related to membership or employment at any time. Our e-services are always open! You can also update your own information, e.g. report any unpaid leave, pay your membership fee or check the contact details of your own professional branch or union representative in e-services.


Services at regional offices by appointment only

Please remember to book an appointment in advance if you want to visit the regional office. Our experts often work outside the office, and you will need to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

See the contact information of regional offices here (in Finnish).

Regional offices

  • serve members in matters related to membership and employment
  • are in charge of Tehy’s regional cooperation with students and educational institutions
  • organise training and events related to current matters
  • support professional branches
  • help union representatives with meetings with employers, for example
  • cooperate with various parties, such as public and private sector employers, local educational institutions, regional state administrative agencies, TE services and local Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment representatives.