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Tehy - The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland

  • Tehy represents qualified social care, health care, rehabilitation and early education professionals and students of these professions in both the private and the public sectors.
  • Tehy is the largest trade union for health and social care professionals serving more than 160 000 members.
  • Tehy was established in 1982.
  • Tehy is a politically pluralistic organization.
  • The main goal of Tehy is to supervise and improve the economical, professional and social interests of its members. 


  • negotiates collective agreements
  • gives guidance and support in work-related matters
  • offers legal aid to members and takes disputes to court, if necessary
  • provides trade union education and training
  • gathers statistics and research data to support the work of representing the interests of its members
  • campaigns to improve working conditions and occupational health and safety
  • influences legislation and health and social care reforms

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